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Recent News

After nearly five years of development the next version of Drupal has been released.  This new version brings with it over 200 new core features.  Some of the highlights include the following:
Backdrop CMS is the new content management system that started as a fork of Drupal 7.  If you have used Drupal before it will have a very similar look and feel.  
Many of us in the Drupal world are very excited about the up-in-coming release of Drupal 8.  This new version brings many new features including:
This video tutorial will get you started on how to use the WYSIWYG CkEditor for Drupal 7.  
This video tutorial will show you how to add a new page to your Drupal website. We will be copying a page from an existing website and pasting into our new Drupal 7 website.
It has been a long process that started three years ago, but finally Drupal 7 is available as an official release. The number of features and enhancements that have been included in this version of Drupal are vast.
There is a saying in the Drupal community, "There is a module for that". It is much more efficient for a site builder to use a tested and proven module then to write one from scratch. I know that I would rather spend my time on refining the look and feel of the website than writing a module from scratch.
Following the success of the Drupal Emmy's website the Grammy's follow suit.
In the past when a site owner wanted to implement a forum for their website they looked toward specific packages like phpBB or
On Sunday the new website went live. What is most notable about this launch is that the website is powered by Drupal! President Obama has on several occasions given his support for open source platforms.