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Backdrop CMS

Backdrop CMS is the new content management system that started as a fork of Drupal 7.  If you have used Drupal before it will have a very similar look and feel.  

We installed the software to give it a test run.  The installation process was seamless.  Within a couple of minutes we were adding test content to the site and trying out the new features.

Some of the key features of this CMS are:
  • Everything is responsive - Mobile ready
  • Configuration management - Settings are stored outside the database
  • Views built into core - Flexible displaying of your data
  • Faster than Drupal 7 - Runs on lower cost hardware
  • Stable API between versions - Easier upgrading

There are a couple of downsides to Backdrop CMS.  Even though it was a fork of Drupal modules that were made for Drupal 7 will not work out of the box with Backdrop.  Module maintainers will have to port their modules to Backdrop.  This process is much simpler than getting a Drupal 7 module ready for Drupal 8.  

There are also two modules that are missing in core that we use on every site - a WYSIWYG editor and Pathauto.  WYSIWYG allows you to easily edit HTML content.  Pathauto is used for defining custom URL patterns for the site.  Both of these features are expected in the next version 1.1.

We will be closely following the development of Backdrop CMS and may build a complete site using it soon.