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Drupal 7 - Now it is easier to use

It has been a long process that started three years ago, but finally Drupal 7 is available as an official release. The number of features and enhancements that have been included in this version of Drupal are vast, but one of the major enhancement of this release involve usability.

Drupal has often been critiqued for being very hard to for the average user to use. The Drupal 7 team was determined to loose this stigma and much time and effort was dedicated to improving usability.

When you edit a page instead of leaving the page you are on a new editor overlay / popup is displayed. This is not only a cool effect, but it allows a user to modify a site without leaving the page they are on. Once the page is saved the overlay closes and the page you were on refreshes showing you your changes.

It has been long debated in the Drupal community whether or not to include a WYSIWYG visual HTML editor. For better or worse Drupal 7 does still not yet with such an editor. This version does have improved support for one that is offered as a contributed module.

When you edit content in this version of Drupal many of the advanced settings are collapse making it easy for regular users to focus on changing the content. These advanced settings are quickly brought up and modified through an ajax widget.

Contextual links are now displayed for site editors. This makes it easy to quickly modify the content displayed.

Improving the installation process has also been addressed in this version. Now it is much easier for a regular user to get Drupal up and running.

These usability improvements will be welcomed by both new Drupal users and seasoned pros.