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Drupal 8 Is Released

After nearly five years of development the next version of Drupal has been released.  This new version brings with it over 200 new core features.  Some of the highlights include the following:

Improved Administration

The admin interface for Drupal 8 has been improved.  Extensive usability testing was done to ensure that Drupal users would have a good experience while administrating their sites. 

Mobile Ready

More of websites visitors are using their mobile and tablet devices.  Drupal 8 administration area is fully responsive.  All core themes utilize the latest HTML standards and are also responsive.

Views in Core

Views is the most used modules in previous versions of Drupal.  It allows your content to be displayed in different formats on your site.  It is a powerful feature of Drupal that makes it stand apart from other CMS's. Now it is shipped in Drupal core.

Programming Standards

Drupal has been rewritten using modern programing standards.  Many components from the open source framework Symfony have now been included.  This will make code used on Drupal sites easier to maintain, extend, and reuse.

REST / Web Services

Built-in web services allow Drupal to be used to power other applications like mobile apps.

CKEditor Editor

CKEditor is included as Drupal's default WYSIWYG editor. This makes it easy for content editors to add HTML content to their websites. Media support is built into the editor to make it now possible to add images to your site.


Drupal 8 has improved multilingual support built-in. This will make it a better backend for sites that need multilingual capabilities.

Configuration Management

All configurations for your Drupal 8 site can now be exported and imported. This will make it easier to have a development, staging, and production environment. Configurations can be store in a version control system so they can be tracked.

Improved Theming

Drupal now uses the Twig theming engine. This removes all code from the template files which will make it easier to change the look of Drupal sites and prevent security vulnerabilities in the theming layer.